Meet the team

In a small and inclusive company like ours, we strive to ensure everyone has opportunities to engage in interesting research and contribute towards delivering analysis to clients. Here’s a cross-section of our staff, to give you a flavor of our people, culture and capabilities.

You can see a full list of our staff here.

At Cambridge Econometrics we strive to do economics that makes a difference in the real world by providing our clients with practical advice across a full range of economic, social and environmental issues.

Philip Summerton President

Joined CE: 2003 (placement), 2006 (permanent)

Qualifications: BSc Economics (University of Bath, UK), MSc Sustainable Development (University of London, UK (jointly awarded by Imperial College London and SOAS))

Experience: I’ve led many interesting projects all over the world, looking into the implications of climate and energy policy and covering energy sector investment, transportation, industry and housing.

Here at Cambridge Econometrics we help decision makers address the challenges they face by providing high quality analytical, modeling and strategic advisory services throughout North America.

Dan Hodge Executive Vice President

Joined CE: 2021

Qualifications: BA Economics/Business (Lafayette College), MA Applied Economics and MPP Public Policy (University of Michigan)

Experience: I’ve worked for over 25 years as an applied economist and economic development consultant focused on assessing local, regional, state, and multi-state economies in terms of economic impacts, competitiveness, target industries, strategic plans, and infrastructure investments. I work closely with public sector, non-profit, and private sector clients to interpret and formulate input from a range of stakeholders into a logical, compelling set of issues, opportunities, goals, and policy recommendations.

We deliver robust and comprehensive analysis of the social, economic and environmental implications of policy. I enjoy helping clients to understand and draw meaning from our work, understanding the impacts and potential trade-offs of different policies, and ultimately helping them to deliver better outcomes for all.

Jon Stenning Head of Energy & Environment

Joined CE: 2006

Qualifications: BSc Economics (University of Bath, UK)

Experience: I lead Cambridge Econometrics’ work internationally on the economics of energy and climate policy. We apply large scale macroeconomic models, including our state-level E3-US model, to assess the socio-economic impacts of different policy scenarios for a range of clients.

Working at Cambridge Econometrics, at the forefront of applied economics and research, allows me to straddle the divide between academia and consultancy. What I enjoy most is helping clients solve the real-world problems they face every day.

Adam Brown Principal Economist

Joined CE: 2014

Qualifications: BSc Economics and Management (University of London, UK), MPhys (University of Bath, UK), PhD Complex Systems Modelling (University of Nottingham, UK)

Experience: I specialize in applying a systems analytics approach to tackling complex social and economic questions. My research focuses primarily on understanding how and why regional and local economies evolve over time and the role of public policy in shaping these outcomes, including policies relating to transport and housing, labor markets and innovation, and industrial strategy.