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The world is becoming increasingly urbanized with cities seen as the engines of growth on which national performance is based. However, a place’s assets and institutions influence their economic prospects. Ensuring the growth of cities, regions and states in a way which benefits all is a challenge.

We provide insight by advising you on the likely impact of a trend or particular policy on a place through local or regional analysis, forecasting and modeling. You can then take advantage of emerging opportunities, or, mitigate against any adverse effects.

Some challenging questions we can help you answer:

Our Regions, Cities & Local Areas work

Massachusetts Rapid Recovery Plan (RRP) Program

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the $774 million Massachusetts Rapid Recovery Plan program was introduced to help local communities stabilize and kick-start economic recovery across the downtowns and local business districts across the state. Cambridge Econometrics was select...

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Raleigh S-Line Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning

Working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and consulting partners, and funded by a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant, Cambridge Econometrics is acting as a senior advisor to NCDOT on all elements of this 18-month planning project. The compan...

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Economic Development Strategic Plan for Town of Auburn (MA)

For the town of Auburn (MA), Hodge Economic Consulting (now merged with Cambridge Econometrics) was selected to lead all aspects of an economic development strategic plan. Auburn is a relatively small town (population less than 20,000) but with its enviable transportation asse...

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Pioneer Valley Economic Recovery and Strategic Planning

Funded as part of the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) CARES Act, Cambridge Econometrics is leading a regional economic recovery and strategic planning project for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) in Western Mass. Working with a task force of regiona...

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Appalachian Regional Commission Coal Industry Report

Recognizing the significant economic challenges facing the Appalachian Region due to the changing economics of America's energy production, the Obama Administration initiated the Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization (POWER) Initiative. The aim o...

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Ludlow Mills Market Analysis and Build-out Scenarios

As part of the state’s Site Readiness Program, Hodge Economic Consulting (now Cambridge Econometrics) managed a major market study and land use build-out plan for Ludlow Mills, working closely with MassDevelopment and the Westmass Area Devlopment Corp. Site tours, interviews...

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The Promise and Potential of Transformative Transit-Oriented Development in Gateway Cities

The Promise and Potential of Transformative Transit-Oriented Development in Gateway Cities is a follow-up study to Gateway Cities in Massachusetts. Hodge Economic Consulting (now Cambridge Econometrics) was selected by MassINC to project manage a major new research project title...

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The employment benefits of a Green COVID-19 recovery

Commissioned by C40 Cities, the Employment Benefits of a Green COVID-19 Recovery report estimated the number of jobs a set of climate actions in the buildings, transport, energy and waste sectors could create within six cities around the globe, thereby assessing the potential j...

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Gateway Cities in Massachusetts

Working collaboratively with MassINC’s Gateway Cities Innovation Institute, Hodge Economic Consulting (now Cambridge Econometrics) authored a research report analyzing Gateway Cities in Massachusetts. State investment in Gateway Cities was closely examined, real estate developm...

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