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Below is a small selection of the work that we’ve carried out. Click on a topic to see relevant projects.

Coronavirus: initial results from economic modelling

Global GDP: we currently project the COVID-19 pandemic will reduce global GDP by 5 percent below a no-virus baseline in 2020 and 2021 Private indebtedness: the impacts on private indebtedness suggest that the subsequent recovery will be slow - while pre-crisis growth rates are ...

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Explainer: the economics of the Coronavirus pandemic

Governments are trying to mitigate the threat posed by the Coronavirus pandemic to economic well-being.  This blog by Richard Lewney sets out the principal channels of impact and the issues that need to be addressed in designing mitigation measures. It follows Coronavirus: h...

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Coronavirus: how to model the economic impacts of a pandemic

Not long after the coronavirus COVID-19 grabbed news headlines, requests started coming to Cambridge Econometrics to model the economic impacts – so we quickly began looking into the possibilities.  We subsequently published our initial modelling results. The OECD had publi...

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World Health Day 2019 – universal health coverage as a societal investment

On Sunday, 7 April 2019 it is World Health Day. This year, as last year, the focus is on universal health coverage. Despite health being long recognised as a human right, far too many people can’t access even the basic services they need. According to the World Health Organisa...

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Economic impacts of national health insurance in the Bahamas

KPMG commissioned us to assess the long-term economic impacts of providing free primary care to all residents of the Bahamas.

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